Friday, July 21, 2017

Fundraising Deadline

In an effort to honor the needs of everyone involved in this mission, we have set a deadline for our fundraising efforts. We need to have our moving expenses and monthly commitments secured by September 15 to go ahead as planned.

The family that invited us to step into their shoes in Malawi needs to move to the States by October to start their new jobs. They are offering us their house, cars, and employment status with their current NGO (non-governmental organization)--things that we will still have to pay for but that took them years to establish. They also have long-time and trusted employees, relationships that also take years to form and are a necessary part of life in Malawi. If we don't get there by October, we will have to start over, which will cost much more money and time than we have budgeted for. Starting over in a third world country is not the same as making a move within the United States.

If you have already given a one-time gift or have started to send your monthly donation, we thank you. If you have made a verbal commitment, we ask you to make that a reality now. It's time to make this happen. The sooner we get to these orphans, the sooner they get what they need.

It's easy to give. Comment to let us know you're interested in committing to a monthly amount, or click on this link to go to our GoFundMe account to make a one-time donation: Donate

Thank you!


  1. Who oversees the work here in the states? Who oversees the work in Malawi?

    1. John tried to call you and left a message, but the short answer is that it's being worked out.