Friday, March 22, 2013

Gardening Class

Spring is here and I wanted to, not only take advantage of the nice weather and longer days, but also help others to do the same, so I held a gardening class at the local community center. John and I picked up the materials for a raised bed and I talked this group of women through the whole process of building and planting a square foot garden. 
They truly did almost all of the work and it turned out beautifully.
It was a lot of fun and beautified the property at the same time. There was talk of getting together again to build some more raised beds, among other projects, and to turn this into a garden club. I would like that because dirt makes me happy. This nice lady agrees.

Let me know if you're local and want to participate.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Ben's Fourth Birthday

We thought long and hard about how to celebrate Ben's birthday. Then we asked him what he wanted to do and he made it easy. He just wanted to play with the JAWS kids.  
So that's what he did.

Of course, it's always great when the siblings have as much fun as the birthday boy. Here's Andy with one of his new friends after I asked them to pause for a picture:
And Jonah with his new friend (they weren't quite as chummy for the photo shoot):

Ben got some great presents, and the "chicken candy machine" was his favorite.
The other thing Ben said he wanted was a watermelon and spiky hair. He got both.
When your dad runs a sports program, this is your party hat:
 And then there were hot dogs and cupcakes.

Ben was about as exhausted as I've ever seen him on the way home. He said, "I really had a great time and I like all my presents." Then he was out. 

Happy birthday, my little firecracker!