Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

We're having another one.  I must admit, I was looking forward to the possibility of pink lace and ribbons around here but I am absolutely thrilled that we're having another boy.  John threw his arms up in the air and let out a whoop like his team had just won the Superbowl, so I guess I don't have to tell you how he feels about it.  

Now we just need a name.  Andy is sticking with Jack, which we kind of like, and Jonah has suggested Skippy, which we kind of don't.  The floor is open to suggestions.     

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jonah's Birthday Party

Jonah turns seven on October 16th, but we had his party today so all his friends could come.  He wanted a Ben 10 party so I made this cake:
Here's the birthday boy, wearing his first present of the day - a Ben 10 Speedo:
Jonah was very excited to run down the road and greet his first guests at the bus stop:

Plenty of friends showed up and it was a great party.  I wanted to have a record of all the kids present so I asked John to help me round them up and make them smile.  Notice the only two kids who aren't cracking up at John's antics:
We had churrasco (Brazilian barbecue), beans, rice, corn bread, and salad:
Jonah opened some presents:
We sang the lively Portuguese version of "Happy Birthday" and ate cake:
Jonah clowned around:
While Andy hung out with his girlfriends:
The kids enjoyed the pool all day:
And last, but not least, we popped the candy balloon, which is like a Brazilian piƱata.  First, you spin it:
Then you pop it:
And the kids go wild, falling all over each other to gather candy.  Well, most of them.  Notice Andy standing behind the chair on the far left while Marisa hands him candy under the tree:
In the end, Jonah was exhausted, a little sunburned, and extremely happy: 
He said he had a great party, and he's apparently already planning for the next festivity, because he asked if tomorrow was the day to go trick-or-treating.