Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our New Home in Brazil

Here's a picture of the house we just rented in Natal:
We've verbally agreed to a year lease.  The owners of the house happen to be former missionaries to Natal.  He's a Brazilian and she's American.  They built the house several years ago.  They are now living in the States.  They contacted us by e-mail for a totally unrelated subject and we started to talk about their house.  It turned out that they were trying to rent it.  God is good.  

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Good News

It's taken me some time to get this post published, but I've been so anxious to share it with you.  While we were staying in Colorado John not only studied the Bible with his dad, but he also studied with our niece's boyfriend.  After a few days, Anthony was excited to start his life as a Christian, so John baptized him in the bathtub. 
Later that same evening, John married Anthony and Amanda in the living room of Amanda's parents' house.
Their baby Adam has no idea how his daddy's decision to be baptized and marry his mommy will forever change his life for the better, but we know how blessed he is.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Life

John baptized his dad today.  He told John on the phone recently that he would like to discuss the Bible the next time we came to town.  That being our vocation, we made sure to come to town as soon as possible.  They studied together for two days then, by his dad's request, John baptized him in his bathtub this morning.  He said he felt great and was happy that he lived long enough to be sorry for his sins.  By his own admission, he has always believed in Jesus as the Son of God but only now understands how that relates to his life.  John has never had a close relationship with his dad, but now, he says, he has an eternity to get to know him.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Departure Date

We are in Colorado visiting John's family now.  We'll be here for several more days, then it's back to Texas.  We're scheduled to leave for Brazil on March 3.  We still don't have a working fund, but we plan to get settled in then focus on the work.  If that means just teaching the Bible in our living room, so be it.  Our plan has been to open a Bible school for the Brazilians but we may end up just opening our home to them instead.

By-the-way, our e-mail address is due to expire any day, but we just downloaded SKYPE.  You can download it at, then we can call each other on line when we're living in Brazil for free.