Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our New Home in Brazil

Here's a picture of the house we just rented in Natal:
We've verbally agreed to a year lease.  The owners of the house happen to be former missionaries to Natal.  He's a Brazilian and she's American.  They built the house several years ago.  They are now living in the States.  They contacted us by e-mail for a totally unrelated subject and we started to talk about their house.  It turned out that they were trying to rent it.  God is good.  


  1. Cool!! I see some good bike riding area. And how much room do you have for visitors??

  2. I have stayed in this house will like it (and its beach view location) a lot!
    According to Roberto, your stuff that I sent from POA arrived safe and sound.
    Praise God for how the Spirit has worked in the lives of your family members...baptisms, weddings, what could be better than that?
    Give us a holler when you arrive in Natal!

  3. Samantha,
    I hope a ll goes well for all of you in Natal. We love you & have been thinking & praying for all of you. Tell everyone hi.

    Whitley Bodnar