Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Rainy Season

This is the dryer section of our yard in the rain: 
The washing machine takes about 45 minutes to do a load of laundry then we get to hang it out on the line to dry.  As you can imagine, it's a lot of fun.  

This isn't officially the rainy season yet but it rains every day so I'm not sure what to expect.  Our clothes seldom dry efficiently and end up smelling pretty musty.  We went shopping and found a good dryer.  Then we came home to measure the space and sleep on it.  Dryers are quite a bit more expensive here and not something you want to impulse buy.  Anyway, we took out a cabinet to make room and went back to the store.  They informed us that they had sold the dryer and didn't have any more.  We have spent the last week looking around for another one. It seems the only other dryer in the city at this time is a machine the size of a small bucket that washes and dries the clothes for about $2,500.  Wow!   


  1. I am feeling very guilty as I read this post. I am looking out my window at a very dark cloud, sitting in front of my very affordable, running dryer.
    Miss you guys, love reading about your life, and anxious to see what God has in store for you. Hope John's mom is adjusting well. Tell her the Reno group says Hello!


  2. Sam,
    Do you have e-mail? E-mail me or call and let me know. I would like to talk to you about washer/dryers - from hard-earned experience with a big family.
    Love, Benay