Sunday, May 18, 2008

Amazonian Giant Centipede

This is what I'm going to tell you about in this post:
It's called an Amazonian Giant Centipede and if this photo makes you queasy, you certainly don't want to watch the links to the videos I've posted.

If you read Jonah and Andy's page you've already seen this and know that it was in our bed.  The reason I'm putting it on our main blog page is because it has become something of an issue in our lives this week.  One of these centipedes climbed out from under Jonah's bed and right up his leg on Saturday.  They move fast and we had to turn the room upside down to locate and finally kill it.

I saved it in a container and took it to church to see if anyone knew what it was.  Someone told me it's a lacraia (Portuguese for centipede).  I did some research on the Internet and was happy to find no confirmed cases of death by giant centipede.  I will allow you to watch the videos if you would like to know more about some of the creatures living around and apparently in our house - if you would like to know how to more specifically pray for our protection.  We would sure appreciate it.

I will tell you that these centipedes are carnivorous - eating birds, bats, lizards, tarantulas, and mice - and highly toxic.  See for yourself:

video of a centipede eating a tarantula

I even found a discussion forum for people who own these as pets (I kid you not) and handle them on a regular basis.  


  1. Eeeck. I think if I found one of those in my bed I would never sleep again! Good luck.

  2. watching the centipede vs. mouse video made me stop eating my m&m's after just 1 minute.

    we will be praying for your protection.

  3. These animals (not Bugs) are actually considered great pets i love them personally their damn interesting. But they are known to cause pain fever chills swelling weakness and difficulty breathing even paralysis so be carefull and have a nice day lol

  4. Lacraia is the popular name (the most used). Centopéia is the formal.

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