Friday, March 13, 2009

Our Return to the Hospital

What looks like "Baby's First Tanning Booth" is actually a special bassinet to treat jaundice.  
Just two days out of the hospital, we took Ben to the pediatrician to see about treating acid reflux.  Jonah and Andy both had it and we saw signs of it in Ben.  We just needed to confirm the dosage of medicine to give him since he's smaller than either of them were. The doctor took one look at him and said we would have to deal with acid reflux later.  She said his color didn't look good and she ordered an urgent blood test.  Two hours later we discovered that his bilirubin level, which was supposed to be between .8 and 12, was 21.  He was severely jaundiced.  We immediately took him to the hospital to be admitted for phototherapy.

When we arrived they said they didn't have any vacancies.  They called the only other hospital in town that takes infants, and they also said they didn't have any vacancies.  John put out an a.p.b. for prayer and within fifteen minutes we had a room.  Ben spent three days and nights in the light bed that simulates sunlight.  I stayed next to him the whole time.  It was my job to make sure he stayed in the bassinet when he wasn't nursing or getting his diaper changed.  A canvas mask was taped over his eyes the whole time.  

His levels have returned to within the normal range and we were released yesterday afternoon.  I've heard it said that babies don't smile this young but I know Ben smiled at me when the nurse took his mask off.  Monday we will have his blood tested one more time to be sure his bilirubin levels aren't rising again.  Then he'll finally be free of all the poking and prodding until his next vaccines are due.


  1. we're so glad to hear that Ben is feeling better! You guys have been (and will continue to be) in our prayers. God bless.

  2. I know how hard it must have been to take Ben back to the hospital. Our son Jeffrey suffered from jaundice in the first days of life also. I am so pleased that he got the treatment he needed and is doing well. Can't wait to meet him, and see you all! Love you.