Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Packed and Ready

We're getting packed to leave this country again. We're excited because of the potential for ministry in a dual culture environment. The kids are excited because they know we'll be living closer to Disney World.

We plan to arrive in Miami during the third week in November, at which time we will begin looking for a home among the Brazilian population in southern Florida. It's a happy time and a sad time all at the same time. We're going to miss Natal and our friends here, but we know they will be just fine without us. We do plan to come back regularly to encourage the Christians here and to help where we can. We also plan to continue regular visits to Currais Novos until a solid church is established there.


  1. Love the picture! We are excited and sad for you too! So glad we are a part of your adventureous lives :) I know the people of Southern Florida are going to be blessed by your being there. God is preparing them now...He knows their names. God bless.
    (Don't catch anything on the way home!!!)