Friday, May 7, 2010

Update From the Boca Church

Since I last reported to you about the church meeting in our home, we have rented a room in the local middle school each Sunday.
Space wise, it's been a great move, but it's been a lot less intimate and, at the tune of $800 per month, maybe a bit unnecessary. We have about the same number each week - kind of crowded in our living room but not enough to warrant the financial burden on our small group. Besides, there is a family among us who is struggling financially and may be facing foreclosure. We would like to be in a position to help rather than cut it close each month on our budget.

For now, we're back at home for Sunday morning worship and Friday night Bible study. We rotate weekly among the houses that are large enough to host the entire group.
Perhaps the most important meetings we hold are the spontaneous ones where we simply get together and have some fun. The girls have come over twice to drink cappuccino and scrapbook.
And the kids don't really care where we meet. They can enjoy themselves in any setting.


  1. Thinking of you guys! Miss you! Praying for your success as you touch lives there.