Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Celebrating Nine Years

Saturday was Jonah's ninth birthday. When I asked him a couple weeks ago about which kids to invite to his party, he listed the nine others that make up our church. He knows kids at the YMCA and he goes twice a week to an athletics program where kids abound. We also have some neighborhood kids he plays with, but he chose the kids at church. So, our six-family church met at the park on Sunday.
John spoke to the group about the importance of raising our children in a godly manner, with specific regard to the dangerous media that floods our society. Then we had a barbecue and some good old-fashioned horseplay. Jonah said it was the best birthday ever. Of course, he says that every year, but it still makes me feel pretty good.


  1. Happy Pirthday Jonah! It's been a long time since ole Mr. Scott has seen you, but I just wanted to stop in and say "Happy Birthday!"

  2. Happy birthday Jonah!!!! I remember the day your were born like it was yesterday, not 10 years ago! Wow!
    Leslie Klein... Kyle, Katy, Eli and Emma too

  3. Hello!!! What a beautiful family you have... Congratulations!!! God bless you all greatly!!!