Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Family Reunion

We had some visitors last Sunday. You may remember these guys from previous posts. They were baptized in November 2010, married in December, then moved a few hours north last March. Although we have been to visit a couple times, it's just not enough; we miss them so much. Chris, Jenna, and their great kids have become family to us, so we were thrilled to have them with us last week. It was like a family reunion. 
Even without one of our families present, we were a good-sized group. Maria's mom has been here from Brazil, anxiously awaiting the new baby, and Joanne (who was baptized a month ago) and her daughter are now also a regular part of our gatherings. If you know our group well, you might be able to spot the extra kid in the photo. She came from down the street to join us. We usually have an extra neighborhood kid at any given gathering. While some adults are skittish of what we do, the children are much more adventurous and often turn up to take advantage of the great times we have together.
Our boys were happy to have every seat at the table taken for the lesson and craft.
And, of course, the best part was the playtime on the lawn. I'm always interested to discover which particular detail of home-church life a person finds most attractive. For some, it's discovering the fascinating nuggets of wisdom in the Bible or sharing a meal with good company. For others it's conversation over a cup of coffee or time spent talking to God in prayer about a difficult situation. For Joanne's daughter, it was the bike riding up and down the sidewalk while the adults stood around talking on the lawn. 

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