Saturday, October 6, 2012

John's Birthday and Then Some

John just turned 43. I don't know if I was supposed to divulge that, but I think he looks pretty good and want to share with you my thanksgiving for such a wonderful husband and father. When Mom heard it was his birthday she was upset that she couldn't do anything for him, so I suggested she take him to lunch. She offered to take us all to his favorite restaurant, which just so happens to be right here in Fort Worth. I secretly enjoyed the day as if it were my own celebration because she has forgotten my birthday for the last three years. (Yes, this disease has been brewing for a while.) 

We had a good day, all things considered--we ditched homeschool and had a lazy morning then enjoyed our favorite foods to excess while Mom seemed pretty content and even fastened her own seat belt on the way to the restaurant.

The very next day, however, was a scheduled doctor's appointment and that didn't go so well. They had us waiting for an hour in the waiting room when Mom got upset and started to pace, insisting the people on the couch move so she could lie down. When she started to panic and talk very loudly to herself, I told the receptionist we would have to reschedule the appointment. As we were walking out, she grabbed the door saying we couldn't leave "the hospital" without finding out what was wrong with her. It was stressful, to say the least but she was fine when we got into the car.

The day after that was much better. The kids played outside while Mom sat in a chair watching me finish building the chicken coop I started weeks ago. She sat with her cat asleep on her lap and smiled most of the time. I thought we were on the mend only to experience our worst day yet just yesterday. It was the first day I had to help her with everything from using the bathroom to eating her food. She couldn't seem to do anything for herself. I expect that she may rally a little in some of those areas--she has before--but she is steadily declining and I won't be surprised if these are the last photos you see of us at a restaurant. Although, we do have a road trip scheduled soon and we could use a prayer from each of you that it won't be a disaster but a much-needed family vacation. Either way, I'll let you know how it goes.

By-the-way, if you would like to know more about Alzheimer's, the best resource I have found is a book called The 36-Hour Day by Mace and Rabins. It has proven to be surprisingly informative and accurate.


  1. Praying...praying...praying.... I pray that somewhere in your moments today you will feel the light of our Father's presence...

    Love to each of you....

  2. Happy belated John! Looks like you had a great day with the family.
    Miss you guys!

  3. Eddison and LaJuanaOctober 7, 2012 at 8:53 PM

    Glad John's birthday went relatively well.

    Let us know when you are to travel. You will certainly be in our prayers.

  4. I am thankful you enjoyed a good time together for John's birthday. I continue to pray for you and your family daily. Asking the Lord to grant you a sweet time on your vacation. Keep hanging strong...I am believing God to be faithful to you as you serve Him by serving your mother.

    Love you, sweetheart!

  5. Thank-you so much for sharing your good and bad days with your mom. Just a reminder to me on my worst days that we all have our burdens that in some ways also turn out to be our biggest blessings. I will definately be praying for you and for her.