Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Crossed Wires?

I left you in June with the question of whether we were being called to Africa. The answer at this point is that we're still not sure, but some other answers have come to light. For instance, our friends--the ones that prayed and fasted with us over our next mission field assignment--heard the Africa call loud and clear and took it as their own. He is a physician's assistant and she has always dreamed of being a missionary to Africa. They have already been there and back. Here's what they did:

And here's what we did while they were gone:

Did I mention they have five kids? After spending twelve days with this clan we decided we would like to keep them. Secretly--or not so secretly since I'm posting this on the internet--I hope we go with them. I love this family, and our kids are the best of friends. We just aren't sure the call is for us.

We recently met with a wonderful couple from the States who have lived in Malawi for many years. They were very insightful and offered us a lot to think and pray about. I will tell you that they do need workers there, so if you feel a tug in that direction, get in touch so I can fill  you in on the details. I also ask you to join us in prayer over whether we are being called or if our wires got crossed with our friends' as we all prayed together. I will keep you up to date on the details as God reveals them.

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