Saturday, October 25, 2014

Counting on Your Prayers

Yesterday John had us start the day by each saying one thing we are grateful for. That was a good exercise because it’s easy to grumble and complain during transition when nothing is familiar or comfortable. Today I am thankful for those of you who are praying for us and want to solicit your prayers for, not just our family, but also the other five families in our house church.

Here are some details, using only first initials:

Family #1: D recently bought a piece of land with trailers occupied by renters, one of whom D found dead, apparently from a heart attack. D’s family has been busy cleaning out that house and dealing with the emotions of the situation. They are also working to get a new renter into the house, as they need the income.

Family #2: E’s son and our youngest were found playing on Highway 199 in front of The Gem. Thank God traffic had been temporarily stopped a couple of miles up the road for an unrelated issue. Our whole group was shaken and took the matter very seriously. A fence has already been built around the Gem playground. Also, just two nights ago during a Bible study, E got a text from her neighbor that E’s husband had a seizure causing him to fall and bust his head open. He is currently doing OK, but they don’t know what caused it.

Family #3: D was just diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing a very painful treatment. She has four children and is understandably very concerned.

Family #4: M just delivered her fourth baby after a stressful week of erratic labor. Also, we are living in this family’s back yard in a travel trailer.

Family #5: L shared at our last meeting that her husband is not at all interested in meeting with any church that requires more than one hour on Sunday morning. She added that she may not believe what she has learned in our Bible studies anyway.

I should also note that we are talking about new Christians, and four of the families represented here have a spouse that is not a Christian. So, as you pray for our group, please pray first and foremost that God will use whatever is happening to strengthen the faith of the young Christians and bring those who don't know Him to Jesus. We are experiencing a great deal of upheaval and uncertainty but we are sure God sees the future and hears our prayers. Thank you for joining us; we are counting on it.


  1. Samantha, Thanks for the invite :-) I've enjoyed keeping up with you guys for quite a while now and would hate to lose touch! One thing I'm grateful for, that God put yo and your family in my life so many years ago! As far as prayer for you and your "extended family" not a problem! Lifting you guys up right now :-)


  2. Samantha -- Forgive me for being out of touch the last couple of weeks! Not knowing all the latest developments,I have continued to pray for you guys (and Michael) regularly. Praise God for your faithfulness on your journey, for your relentlessness to God's path into the unknown, for the boys' flexibility through all this, for M's willingness to share their trailer and workshop, for the delivery of her child, for the protection of the children in the roadway! Praying for clear direction for you guys each step of the way, for the faith of the the new believers and their spouses(especially L), for D's financial and emotional peace, for E's spouse's spiritual and physical health, for D's (3) physical health and security for her children, for M's peace/sleep with her newborn, for the Holy Spirit to find a new place to grow inside your brother, for wisdom in your minds, for nourishment and encouragement in your souls, for emotional and financial support as needed, for the hearts and souls of each person at the Gem. Tell us what you need in addition to prayer. Love you! Christy