Saturday, July 15, 2017


If you're reading this, you probably got an email from us with several old blog posts you may or may not remember. Sorry. That was an accident. We're gearing up for a new mission and, in an attempt to refresh this blog, accidentally sent out some old information.

The good news is that some of you contacted us for clarification, and--voilĂ --now we're in touch again. Nice how our mistakes sometimes work out like that. Another piece of good news is that I promise to never purposely send out that much to read at one time, so you can keep up with us in small bites.

We've taken the trip to Africa since the last post, and you can see the photos by clicking on this link: Malawi Survey Trip 2017.

By the way, I looked over the email list from years ago and don't recognize every address, so please check in to let us know you who are and what you think.

Have a great weekend! We'll keep you posted.

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