Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Stairmaster

Where have I been, you ask? Whatever happened to those witty blog entries and breathtaking photographs that used to make you look forward to getting out of bed each and every day? Then (when the novelty of the new blog wore off) helped you to get each week off to a good start. Why is it that now you are lucky to hear from me at all? Well, that would be because we have been working diligently to get this house ready to sell. This week, I have been the stairmaster. Here's what I started with:
Here's what I had after ripping up the carpet and doing some preparatory work:
Here's what came next:
And now...the finished product: Do you think we over-improved for the neighborhood?

OK, that's clearly not true. But I am pleased with the third picture, which is what our stairs actually look like now. On to the next project.

Don't worry, we haven't been neglecting our kids. Grandma's here and we make sure to spend quality time with them every day. By-the-way, if you want to know what's going on in their little world, you can subscribe to Jonah and Andy's blog. If you haven't subscribed to this one, do so. You won't have to keep checking the Internet and being disappointed when I choose home renovation over writing to you. It will e-mail you each time I write a new post. If you're interested in food, and who isn't, you can subscribe to my recipe blog. And for the photo enthusiast, check out my picture blog. Act now and you might even get some Ginsu knives.

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  1. I was beginning to wonder if you'd given up on posting for us due to the lack of witty comments you've received! The stairs turned out beautifully. Good work. Now go enjoy some Mexican food on our behalf to reward your hard work. We're having a ladies' retreat this weekend, so pray for us (and our husbands!)