Thursday, October 4, 2007

Americans in Natal

Look who we just met. Well, we haven't actually met them, but we have e-mailed back and forth and know that they live in Natal. We heard about some Americans living there so I got their information and contacted them. Good-looking family, huh? I have my suspicions about the mom being Brazilian. For that matter, if they've been there for a while, the kids may be more Brazilian than American. They minister at a church there. Check out the Web site at Better yet, learn Portuguese, then check it out. I can summarize it by saying that the church seems to be thriving.

The youngest boy looks to be about Jonah's age. Although, I don't know these people or how old this photo is, so the kid may be 27 by now. I hope they don't mind my posting their photo on the world wide web for all my readers to see. If they do, I promise to send out hand-written retractions to both of you.

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