Sunday, October 14, 2007


We'll be going to Colorado soon to visit with John's family and to attend a Mission Training International (MTI) workshop. Here's the brochure:There. Now you know about as much as I do.

Here's what I do know: A family that was on our team in Porto Alegre recently came home to the States. They went through this program soon after they arrived and said it was great. They told us about it and now we're signed up to go. I think it's supposed to help missionaries adjust to the foreign mission field and also to help them adjust to coming back home.

You'd be surprised at how difficult it is to come home. In our case, we weren't expecting to return for several more years. As a result, we experienced a lot of frustration and depression, among other things. This place is supposed to help you deal with that. Hmmm...that would've been nice ABOUT 2 YEARS AGO!

Anyway, I'm not bitter or anything and I am looking forward to what they have to offer. It's not cheap by any means but some friends of ours are picking up the bill. Boy, do we have some good friends. So basically we didn't have to do anything to get ourselves into this program. One couple told us about it and another is paying for it. Ooh, I feel a little guilty about my outburst earlier. Maybe MTI can help me with that.

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  1. You updated the blog! Yippee! I love it Samantha. Keep it up!