Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Party

The kids love Halloween, but Brazilians don't celebrate it.  So we took advantage of the fact that LST throws American themed parties for their English students and put together a Halloween party that was fun for the Americans and educational for the Brazilians.  

Jonah and Andy were Power Rangers: 
Mom and Dad got in on the action too.  With a little creativity and some simple materials we became a butterfly and a butterfly catcher: 
Which worked out well with Cris's flower costume: 
Whoa, it looks like that butterfly has had one too many flowers already.

Here's the rest of the gang making some last minute costume adjustments before the party:
We started the evening out with a mummy wrapping contest.  Each team had about two minutes to make a mummy with toilet paper:
The judges chose this this scary mummy as the winner:
The prize?  Well, chocolate of course.

Then we had a parade of costumes to show off our creativity and to judge the best costumes:

The woman at the well took second:
And this hillbilly family won first place:

The prizes were chocolate and more chocolate.  We wanted the Brazilians to get a feel for what Halloween is all about.

Andy gets it.  His favorite part was definitely all the sugar:
Jonah's favorite part seemed to be this Jedi costume.  He followed this guy around like a stalker, asking him about every detail of his outfit.  I know what the boys will be next year.
Towards the end of the evening, we served hot dogs, popcorn balls, and other sugary goodies.  Then everyone went trick-or-treating at the classroom doors of the church.  

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