Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gestational Diabetes

My mom raised pure breed dogs throughout my childhood.  To save time and money she always gave them the necessary vaccines.  When John and I got married we adopted one of the puppies and I assumed I would learn how to vaccinate her.  I loaded the syringe, pulled up the skin on the back of her neck, and... could not bring myself to put the needle in.  No matter how I tried to convince myself that it was no big deal I just couldn't do it.  So when my doctor told me a couple weeks ago that I have gestational diabetes and that I would have to prick my finger to check my glucose levels, I thought about that dog from twelve years ago and thought there was no way I could do that.  I did it though and I've done it six times a day for two weeks.

At least I don't have to give myself a shot, I thought.  That was until several days ago when she told me that, despite my strict diet, my morning levels were too high.  Yesterday I went to the diabetic pharmacy where they taught me how to give myself an injection.  I told myself all the way home that I was going to walk in the door and just do it.  That's what I did and I'm proud to say that I am now ready to vaccinate that dog.
I will have to inject myself with insulin every morning until the baby is born.  As unhappy as I am about the whole thing, I am thankful for modern medicine allowing me and my baby to have a healthy pregnancy.


  1. Hi Samantha,

    So sorry to hear about your diabetes and the fact that you have to prick yourself so much and give yourself a shot! I have gestational diabetes, too, so I feel your pain. I'm just so glad it goes away after the birth! I hope everything else is going well with the pregnancy.

    God bless,

  2. Oh, Sam, I'm so sorry about the diabetes. But you're right, thank God we live in a time when you can do something about it!
    And I feel you about the needle...many moons ago I took a biology class, and when we learned about blood types we pricked our own fingers with a lancet and typed our blood. Well, we were supposed to. I tried and tried and eventually had to get the teacher to do it. So proud of you for just doing it!

  3. Sorry to hear about your pregnancy plight, but I am certain you are equal to the task and the Lord will get you through it.

  4. Bummer about the gestational diabetes. You are wise to follow the docs advice however, unless you want to deliver a gynormous baby! Good luck.

  5. So terribly sorry to hear about the gestational diabetes! I can't imagine having to give yourself pricks and shots everyday. I will certainly be praying for you and this baby during this trying time.

  6. Glad you have that under control and are able to do the shots! Hang in there kiddo!