Monday, December 1, 2008


On Thanksgiving day we had about twenty people at our house - the church leaders and their families and five Americans.  The star guest was a guy who asked John at church on Wednesday if he could come over to confess his sins.  John told him to come over and celebrate Thanksgiving with us and spend the day at our house.  

We had turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, rolls, salad, deviled eggs, peas, mashed potatoes, cookies, and pies.  It wasn't exactly like home because the ingredients here are so different.  The sweet potato casserole looked like it was topped with chocolate because the brown sugar here is so dark.  I'm not complaining because it was the first time I've ever seen sweet potatoes here and that was a real treat.  I found one small container of pecans too - another miracle.  We can't buy cream of mushroom soup so I had to make that before I could make the green bean casserole.  Then I topped it with onion flavored chips because there aren't any French fried onions around.  Forget the corn; it's tough and not something we eat very often.  What I personally missed most were the pumpkin pie and cranberries.  Despite all the substitutions, the group was very gracious and seemed to enjoy the meal.

The highlight of the day had nothing to do with all the food, however.  We sat in a circle and took turns sharing something for which each of us was grateful.  When it got to Tális, the guy John invited over at the last minute, he said he was touched by the way we were all like a family and said he wanted to be one of us.  
Saturday afternoon we celebrated another Thanksgiving at the church.  All of the English students were invited to experience an authentic Thanksgiving feast.  Someone said "American food is great" and was disappointed when we told him we only eat like that once a year.
What a treat to have two Thanksgivings and with such a wonderful group of people.  One of the Americans got a care package with canned pumpkin and cranberry sauce just in time for the feast.  That was a nice touch.Everyone was invited to write something for which he was thankful on a paper leaf and tie it to a little tree.  Jonah wrote that he was thankful that the baby would be here soon, and Andy drew a picture of someone and told me it was God.  He said "I'm thankful for God.  Will you write that under my picture and put it on the tree?" 
I too am thankful for God and thankful for children who are thankful.  I am thankful for a good marriage.  I am thankful for a church family who love each other and who reach out to those around them who don't yet know the blessings of being part of a church family.  I am thankful for the opportunities and challenges that have presented themselves to us over this past year.  I am thankful for you who read this blog and for you who support us financially and in prayer.  I hope your Thanksgiving was as special as ours.

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