Monday, January 12, 2009


Tiago is the guy in the middle of this photo and he was just baptized at the end of December.  He's standing next to his girlfriend Kelly, who is one of the original church members at Comunidade de Cristo.  Kelly is a lovely girl who came to the congregation through a ministry outreach feeding neighborhood children many years ago. 
 She started dating Tiago in September and invited him to church.  He began a Bible study with Osmildo (standing on Tiago's left side) and ended up asking to be baptized.

 Tiago recently passed the very rigorous college entrance exam known as the vestibular and plans to study physics.  He lives on his own and currently works for an energy company in Natal.  Tiago's only 25, which makes him exceptional because most people his age still live at home and are dependent on their parents.  Since his baptism he has plugged into almost every activity available to the young adults at the congregation.  He and Kelly have also made it known that they are considering marriage.

John and I especially like this good-spirited couple and hope for the best possible future for both of them.


  1. One more for God's side! With people like Tiago, Kelly, Osmildo,Geraldo, John and you Sam, God is going to win Natal!

  2. This news blesses my heart! Tell Tiago that Greg and I say "Deus Te Abençoe".

  3. hey guys! i'm not sure what your email address is now, so i'll get in touch with you here...we are in nashville on furlough at the moment, and i happened to be in the 4th ave. office when a check card from SunTrust with Samantha's name on it came. I assume that you need this card?! How can we get it to you? please get back with me quickly, we will be here until jan. 30! email me at