Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Triple Dip

John baptized these three people on Sunday.
Socorro (far left) is Geraldo's wife.  She was actually very happy but she never smiles in photos.  The boy standing next to her is Rosendo, their son.  He's fourteen and helps with the family business of selling popcorn.  John has continued to meet weekly with Geraldo since he was baptized and Socorro and Rosendo began to study with them.  They were all ready to change the way they've been living for the better and to become a part of God's family.  Geraldo still brings more people to church in the back of his truck than any other church member.

On the other side of John is Ingrid.  She's twelve and one of our boys' best friends.  Andy might marry her if it weren't for a little girl named Hannah Beth in Texas.  Ingrid asked us to study the Bible and said she wanted to be a Christian.  When John asked her what she planned to do after her baptism she said, "Sin less and tell my friends about Jesus." 


  1. John and Geraldo-what a team! God must be so pleased! I wonder how long He has been planning this...

  2. Many praises to our God and Father!

  3. "and his whole household was saved!"

  4. The Pearsons all want to be like Ingrid and sin less and tell all our friends about Jesus. Praise God! We love you!