Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ego Strokes From Natal

I know all this can get confusing so let me set this up for you.

1. We went to Natal last year.
2. Our Brazilian friends (sole leaders of the church) asked us to come help them.
3. We made plans to move there and become part of the work.
4. The overseeing church in Austin asked us to wait until we could all work out an agreement.
5. In the meantime, another Brazilian family moved to Natal to help out.
6. We met with the Austin church and agreed to the idea of a Bible school.
7. Austin asked the two Brazilian couples if they needed and wanted our help.

That's about where we left off last time.

Now... we've heard back from Austin saying that the response was positive. Hallelujah, somebody wants us! We wouldn't be working as church leadership but as administrators of a Bible school attached to the church. We love that idea! We're going to talk to the church in Springtown, Texas (the one interested in sponsoring us) to see what they think about it.

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