Thursday, August 23, 2007

We're Back

We made the fun-filled, twelve-hour drive back from Texas yesterday and again have access to high-speed internet. Allow me to fill you in on the latest developments.

We spoke with the elders at the Springtown Church of Christ in (you guessed it) Springtown, Texas. They were all very positive about becoming our sponsoring church to send us back to Brazil for more mission work. John preached there last Sunday. My mom, her boyfriend, and my grandmother were there. The kids behaved themselves beautifully, and it was a good day. Now we're waiting to hear if the congregation meets the challenge of raising enough funds to support a family of five (John, me, Jonah, Andy and John's mom) in Natal, Brazil.

The plan was to come back to Nashville last Thursday but we extended our stay to drive to Austin on Sunday. The mission committee was meeting that evening and wanted to talk with us again about our idea to go to Natal and open a Bible school. They gave us their official blessing to go and work along side the church that they oversee there. We are going to put our plan in writing to share with them and anyone else who wants to see it very soon.

We're shooting for a January departure date so we have a lot to do between now and then.

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  1. If you guys do go to Natal, we will see you there next year! (we plan on going to the Northeast for two weeks to visit in June-July ´08...) keep us informed and we pray that the Lord lights the way! M & W