Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Our Neighbor is in the Hospital

We had planned on pulling out of our driveway at about 4:00am this morning to head for Texas, yet still here we are. We were running our last minute errands like getting the oil changed in the car and picking up snacks for the road when I got a call from David, our neighbor. He told us that Tony, the guy he lives with, was in the hospital. He was having trouble breathing and called David to take him to the emergency room. We left the kids with Bobby and Melanee and went to the hospital.

Tony seemed fine but said he felt a little strange. They had put him through a stress test and had run dye through his heart earlier in the day. It seemed he may have a blockage in his heart. They plan to run the same dye test today to confirm that. Tony said he believes in and appreciates prayer on his behalf, so I'm taking the liberty to tell about his situation and ask for prayers.

We should know more this afternoon and I will keep you posted.

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