Friday, March 21, 2008

Our Contact Information

We have spent a few nights in our house and even have cell phones.  The country code is 55, our area code is 84, and John's number is 8809-0224.  Mine is 8808-0224.  If you download SKYPE at, you can call our cell phones from your computer at any time for pennies per minute.  (Make sure you have a microphone connected to your computer.)  If you happen to catch us on line you can call computer to computer for free.  (If you have a Webcam we can talk to each other with video.)  It's very neat.  You should try it.

We will not be using our physical address for mail, but instead will use the church's address. We live in the country and hear the mail is not dependable out here.  The road in front of our house is red, sandy dirt with lots of little gullies that deepen with each rain shower.  This guy was out there yesterday leveling the road by hand: 
The address we will be using is 

Comunidade de Cristo
John and Samantha Jewell
Rua da Aurora, 58, esquina Av. Antonio Basilio
Bairro Lagoa Nova - Natal
RN - CEP: 59054 680

We also hear that we are not allowed to receive anything used or over $50 in value through the postal service here.  I'm sure it has something to do with protecting the economy but we have yet to confirm the details.


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