Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Youth of the Church

These are some of the young adults of the church.  Gabrieli (far left) and Andre (far right) are brother and sister.  Gabrieli and her father live in our neighborhood.  This is the community pool where they spent the day Saturday.  
Jonah was excited to see them.  They are very good with the kids.The church has been fasting and praying all week for this Saturday evening.  The young adults have invited all their friends to a program designed to introduce them to Jesus.  We pray that it will be a success and that many will return after Saturday.


  1. Hi. I know this is a wierd message. But I came across your blog and was wondering If we could e-mail you some questions. We are an American family living in Chapeco, Santa Catarina and we currently involved in a Video ministry. Right now we are considering a relocation to Natal. Our website is if you want to check it out and our e-mail is
    in Him <><
    stefanie craig

  2. hey there! glad you made it safely and are getting set up! tell gabrieli and andre hi for me - i met them five years ago when i went to natal. they may or may not remember me. just ask them if they remember the really sick american boy...