Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm a New Creation! I'm a Child of God!

After Francisco's baptism last month, he told his friend, Geraldo, everything he knew about the Bible.  Apparently, it was enough, because Geraldo came to the church eager to study more with John.  Francisco and Geraldo are in the same line of work - selling peanuts and popcorn on the street.  Geraldo has five locations that he manages and does quite well.  He is married with four children and has a house and a car.  

Geraldo says he has always wanted a better life for his family and has been sending his kids to church, even though he doesn't go.  Shortly after beginning his studies with John he realized that it isn't just his kids that need church,  he does too.  He said he's always believed in God but nobody has ever sat down with him to explain what God tells us about himself in the Bible.  When he started to see that God wasn't just something out there to believe in, but someone he could actually relate with, he confessed his sins to John and wanted to "start over".  

John baptized him Sunday night.  "I'm a new creation!  I'm a child of God!" he said upon coming up out of the water.
Geraldo's family was present and, though they couldn't possibly realize the impact this will have on their future, they were very happy for him.
Shortly after his baptism, Francisco served him his first Lord's supper as a member of God's family.  
Geraldo's family has taken Francisco in off the street.  We pray that they will encourage each other in their new lives as Christian brothers and continue to reach out to those around them every day.


  1. That is awesome! I am so proud for you all! God bless you - for always!

  2. What a great story! And what a blessing of a Christian example it is to have Geraldo's family caring for Fransico. Present day book of Acts! I love it!