Monday, September 29, 2008

Our Weekend Cookout

We had some people over this weekend for food and fun at our community pool. 
Geraldo showed up with his entire family and his popcorn cart.  
It was free popcorn all day long.
And some of us were especially happy about that.
The kids enjoyed the pool.  This is João and Irvaine (dancing), Jonah's best Brazilian buddy:
Jonah also likes Irvaine's sisters, Isabel:
and Ingrid:
While Andy prefers to hang out with the older women (Catherine and Andressa):
There was also some playground fun.
And food and conversation.  This is Osmildo and Marta with John:

and Catherine, Carol, Jonathan, and Edvan:
This is Meyre:
Andressa, Lacy (an LST reader from the US), and Catherine:
Cindy and Greg (also from the States):
John and Roberto:
Tális and Renata:
And Andy's new friend Carlos (also 3):
This boy and his dog Peanut gave the day two thumbs up: 


  1. hey, where's the picture of Samantha and Shirla?

  2. Hi you guys! It looks like you had lots of fun! We miss you all and I know Amanda and Darin do too! It is so good to see pictures of everyone
    and remember our time in Brazil. We haven’t forgotten you guys and really enjoy getting your blog. Blessings to you all and tell everyone Hi.

  3. Wow, Andy has really slimmed down.