Saturday, September 27, 2008

Your Upcoming Visit

American Airlines just announced that beginning November 2, they will fly between Miami and Recife, a city just a few hours away from us by car.  To give you an idea of what this means, let me put it this way:  It shaves about seven hours off the previously grueling trip.  Also, American is giving double miles for travel on this route through February 15.  According to an e-mail we just received, the tickets are going for about $425 each way between Miami and Recife (yes, that's a good deal) if booked by December 2.  Of course, you would still have to get to Miami and then find a way to Natal once you reach Recife, but Miami is a lovely place to spend the day and we've been looking for a reason to drive to Recife.  So, check out the AA Web site  and let us know when to expect you.

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  1. Sam,
    You're blessed with the amazing ability to send a message to a large audience, yet the reader feels like your comments are aimed right at him! Or is this just my imagination?

    We love ya'll,
    David Pearson