Monday, July 9, 2007

Grilling Out with God

Yesterday was a great day! We invited our neighbors for a sermon and a cookout in our back yard. John talked about true life change and how only Jesus makes it possible. We get to use our lives as examples, which keeps it real. It was mostly a group of our neighbors but one lady came from YES (where John's been working) and brought her son. Jonah was happy to see him. Our very dear friends, the Bandys, also came. They live just a couple miles away. Here's what Bobby ended up doing throughout the sermon. Thanks, Bobby.

We didn't ask for anyone to bring anything. It was supposed to be on us. However, our kindly neighbors contributed plenty. I had a burger for lunch and a hot dog for dinner with a nice big gooey brownie for dessert after each. Bleh. Today I fast!

After we ate, everyone hung around chatting. It was nice, despite the sweltering heat. The kids played in the plastic pool/baptismal. (Hey, our resources are limited.)
And here's the most beautiful shot of the day. No, it's not the best photograph I've ever taken but it sums up the heartbeat of our neighborhood and, I believe, the church. These two guys couldn't be more opposite, yet here they are enjoying each other's company in the presence of the Great Equalizer. It seems everyone had a great time and we grew a little closer as a community. We will probably do this again soon. We'll keep you posted.

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  1. I love the blog, love the cookout, love you guys and especially love that bush! We'll talk soon...