Friday, July 13, 2007

A Special Visit

Look who came to visit us today! This is Kevin and Benay Blume. We spent three years on the mission field in Brazil with them. They're in the States on furlough, and we were thrilled to steal them away from the people who pay their salary for a while.

The church we started together has gone from meeting in one location to meeting in individual homes. Other friends of ours, the Bandys, came over to talk to them about what they are doing and how they are doing it. We had a house full and loved every minute of it.
The kids played outside together. Jonah got a little rough with the Blume girl.
Oh, my! It looks like he got more than a little rough. I hope they will still be our friends.
Oh, wait. It looks like she got him back. "And DON'T call my little buddy 'Plumber Boy' ever again! I don't care if he IS your brother!"

They worked up quite an appetite so we made them some healthy American cuisine - sandwiches made from pasteurized, processed, cheese-flavored snack food (otherwise known as grilled cheese sandwiches). We served it up with some Doritos and Sunkist soda. Mmm mmm, their little insides should be orange for a week.
Then they settled in for a movie and some rest time.
It was a good day for everyone. It will be interesting to see in which country our next visit with them will be.

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