Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Living Room Chat

We didn't have a cookout this week but we did get together with some folks on Monday night in our living room. The Bandys came over and so did a couple of our neighbors. We talked about life and love and God and the Bible. Each of us shared a little about what we believe or don't believe. It's fantastic what can happen when people get together and speak openly.

Our neighbors told us all about why they don't go to church any more. We're starting to hear different versions of the same story all over the place - rejection by the church before a person has even been introduced to Jesus. They said Monday night was as much church as anything they have ever attended.

We're thinking about setting a weekly meeting time. Some of our friends and neighbors have expressed interest, and we would certainly love to have them in our home on a regular basis. We talked about it Monday and it seems like a good idea to have some guidelines for discussion. In other words, sitting around and throwing out opinions all night would be fruitless. We're talking about reading through parts of the Bible together. Not so we can impose our ideas on the group, but so we can all discuss openly what it says and learn from it.

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