Monday, July 2, 2007

Sponsorless in Nashville

To catch you up to speed on where we have been over the past two years would be time-consuming and probably a little tedious to read, so I will try to be succinct. We came home on furlough in the spring of 2005, after being on the mission field for three years. (That wasn't our first furlough, by-the-way.) We had Jonah, our oldest, tested at Vanderbilt University for some behavioral issues that concerned us. We expected to hear that something was amiss but not the advice we got from the team of specialists. They told us to keep him in the States and not to go back until he had extensive therapy. Apparently he had some serious developmental issues concerning receptive language and social skills. Make of that what you will. We had to.

Anyway, we went through the Regional Intervention Program
which may have saved our lives and/or the lives of our children and enrolled Jonah in special education preschool. At his last evaluation, Jonah got a clean bill of health. He is on medication and may have either a severe form of ADHD or a mild form of Asperger's but is coming along nicely. It's been two years of challenging times for our family but we have grown closer and stronger through it all.

John and I have been talking and praying about God's will for our lives from here. We both feel called back to Brazil and are excited about the prospects. Jonah has been practicing Portuguese - a big deal for him since he couldn't even speak English when we left there - and Andy is following suit.

Here's the catch: we don't really have a sponsoring church at this point. Natchez Trace Church of Christ is the one that has paid our salary up until now but they have recently informed us that they will no longer be able to continue full support if we return to Brazil. We've asked a church in Texas to help and are awaiting the answer...

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